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Top 5 Airlines auf der Strecke Zürich – Flughafen Newark Liberty

Ergebnis basierend auf Bewertungen von KAYAK-Nutzern
SWISSErgebnis aus 8951 Bewertungen

Freundliche Crew, sehr guter Service. Kabine des Airbus A330-300 nicht ganz auf dem aktuellen Stand

Mehr zu SWISS

Freundliche Crew, sehr guter Service. Kabine des Airbus A330-300 nicht ganz auf dem aktuellen Stand

Negativ: "Reckless and inconsiderate airline. The only carrier refusing to modify travel due to Covid-19 pandemic"
Positiv: "Bei diesem knappen Abstand zwischen den Sitzen sollte man die Lehnen nicht bewegen können."
Negativ: "Teach Swiss Airlines stewardesses Lorena kãrli and Sabrina stadler manners. They are impolite and racist. Typical cold Swiss hospitality"
Negativ: "The plane waited 40 minutes for delayed connecting flights to arrive. It's great for some passengers because they don't miss the transatlantic flight, but it causes others to miss their connections on the other end. It added to very stressful deplaning."
Positiv: "Awful!!!"
Positiv: "The AC was working well during the flight. Food was so much better than United and crew was very nice and helpful."
Negativ: "The seats in economy class are horrible, I had to get up every hour for a short stretch. The entertainment system remote control was very sticky, quite disgusting. Good think I carried some disinfecting wipes."
Positiv: "sehr freundlich, sehr gute Service, alles in allem sehr professionell"
Negativ: "leider ging der Flug eine knappe Stunde später als geplant"
Positiv: "Das a la carte Menue war sehr gut, kein Vergleich zum normalen essen"
Negativ: "der Gang ist ziemlich eng zum laufen"
Positiv: "gut organisiert"
Negativ: "Snack war eiskalt"
Positiv: "Crew was great. Comfortable seats. Grateful they held the plane when we had a late arrival in Zurich"
Negativ: "Swiss generally should be more helpful/accommodating with transfers - especially at mammoth airports like Zurich. We had 10 minutes to transfer - and my mother requested wheelchair support, which never came. Just a disaster in that regard."
Negativ: "Coffee on 50 min flight would be appreciated. Flight was delayed."
Positiv: "Bequeme Sitze mit genug Beinfreiheit"
Positiv: "The expedited transfer from late flight out of Rome was an amazingly efficint process, much appreciated. Was very stressed when I thought I could not make the transfer, but Swissair really had it covered. My compliments"
Positiv: "super crew"
Negativ: "Wifi, Mehr Information über die App"
Positiv: "ausgesprochen nette und zuvorkommende crew"
Negativ: "WiFi auf allen Flügen, mehr Informationen über die App"
Positiv: "Food was great, creww was very nice"
Negativ: "Following our request, such has being seated next to each other and not only having one person being upgraded when we're two."
Negativ: "The food was really bad. I prebooked an AISLE seat and of course I was given the WINDOW!"
Positiv: "Die Crew war sehr aufmerksam. Die Sitze sehr bequem"
Negativ: "Schlechte Benfreiheit. Insgesamt sehr eng in dem aus gebuchten Flugzeug"
Positiv: "Freundliches Personal; nützliche Informationen zu Verspätungen etc."
Negativ: "Sehr wenig Beinfreiheit; Verspätung beim Abflug, Warteschleife vor Landung"
Positiv: "The pilot had to land with rough wind, he did a good job and the peace of chocolat we always get leaving the plane."
Negativ: "Swiss was delayed for in total 1 hour (start incl. landing), the sandwiches with Swiss are terrible in general, nothing extra to drink or eat although the delay and time of flight made it impossible to have dinner."
Positiv: "Pünktlich, ausreichender Sitzabstand, freundliches Personal."
Positiv: "Sehr freundliche Personal ."
Negativ: "Verspätung"
Positiv: "Besatzung war heute wirklich super und sehr zuvorkommend!"
Positiv: "All of them are friendly...good service with snacks not like others airline to travel no snacks and drink but Swiss they have a snacks"
Negativ: "Special Meal war nicht wie bestellt verfügbar."
Positiv: "Sehr nette Crew"
Negativ: "-"
Negativ: "the seat did not reclined, it was broke. travel with my wife on different seat my wife had a broken knee and they assigned a seat smack in the middle of the isle and she told me she almost past out because she could not move I had a passenger in the back that was kicking my seat every few minutes and I woke up every time I went to sleep"
Positiv: "nice flight"
Negativ: "Kurzfristiger Wechsel des Flugzeugs, Änderung des Sitzplatzes"
Positiv: "Seat was ok, crew was friendly"
Negativ: "Movie options were limited"
Positiv: "Staff, food, on board entertainment all very impressive. Great flight."
Negativ: "Because we missed our connection on our incoming flight, due to a delay leaving Newark by Swiss, Swiss cancelled our returning flights. So when we got to the airport on our return day, we were not booked on any flights. We were required to stay overnight and take a United flight home. Will avoid Swiss in the future."
Negativ: "Entertainment system was not working"
Positiv: "From boarding to disembarking, flying SWISS First is an experience. Attention to detail, great staff, wonderful food. And the seat is very roomy and comfortable."
Negativ: "Sadly, the IFE system was malfunct -but there were magazines and newspapers instead."
Positiv: "Sehr freundliches Personal am Check-in"
Negativ: "Keine Lademöglichkeiten/ Steckdosen etc. Im Flieger"
Positiv: "Great service--able to buy duty free even on such a short flight. Stewardess was able to take my order and complete purchase just before landing."
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Service und Verpflegung an Board"
Negativ: "Der verspätete Abflug welcher sich auf 1.5 Std verzögert hat."
Positiv: "Freundliche Crew und kleine Verpflegung im Flugzeug. Dankeschön"
Positiv: "The airplane was cool and the time for arriving was correct as well as easy to check in. The pilot was good and they told us who won on the World Cup tournament I liked that. There was a younger crew memeber she was reaaally nice."
Negativ: "I asked when i got my ticket for a window seat and he said he gave me one but he did not in the two flights I got. I requested the crew for a window seat if possible since I had been feelin nauseated, it did not help that the guy sitting next to me had a really bad breat and smelled bad. They offered me a sit in the middle of the plane, that did not work well because I was feeling sick, being in between a big guy and a bigger lady was not going to help at all. There was an older crew member and she seemed to be kinda discussed with the trash even though she was using gloves. Food was ok but not the best. To top it off I told them that the headphones connection wasn’t working and they only brought me a pair of new headphones. I tried mine and they didn’t worked, so the whole 8 hrs of flight I was watching movies with sound only from on side. They didn’t even bother, I guess cuz I am economy? Not sure I did see some free chairs in the lanes between economy and first class but they didn’t even suggested that so I decided to suck it up and sit on my assigned chair. The bathrooms where dirty and smelled reaaally bad from the beginning that really was disgusting to be honest. I can let go many things but not that. I had to help the passenger sitting next to me cuz he didn’t know how to do anything and didn’t speak English, he was an older man, with signs I was able to show him how an airplane works. I never complain about flights but this one was tooo many little things. Oh and what about an international flight where I have to pay for a second bag! Really? I did it on my way to Europe and I thought I payed both and then I had to do it again. Whatever money I thought I could save was a lie because I ended up paying a lot more adding the bags and additional transportation for home based on the airports. I am not satisfied at all with the flight experience"
Positiv: "Hilfsbereitschaft und Freundlichkeit des Personals. Das Essen war sehr gut!"
Positiv: "Zuvorkommendes Personal"
Negativ: "Unterhaltungsangebot"
Positiv: "Allgemeine Pünktlichkeit und Freundlichkeit"
Negativ: "Rollkoffer wird abgenommen obwohl ich mit diesem seit Jahren fliege. Andere werden mit grösseren Rollkoffern durchgelassen. Mehr Konsistenz bitte. Egalité! Alle oder keiner, aber keine Willkür."
Positiv: "Sauberes Flugzeug"
Negativ: "Mehr als 30 Minuten Verspätung und nicht ein Wort einer Erklärung oder Entschuldigung. Unverschämt!"
Positiv: "gate wechsel ohne info in spanish. 2 Stunden verspätung flugzeug und 30 min verpätung koffer"
Negativ: "verspätung für alles, wenig information, alte sandwisches, terrible"
Positiv: "Moderne Ausstattung. Freundliches Personal"
Negativ: "Tablet mit Essen hält nicht auf der Ablage und muss gehalten werden. Essen ist nicht gut."
Positiv: "pünktlich und professionell und zuverlässig"
Negativ: "Flugzeug Flotte alt und nicht bequem"
Positiv: "Everything was very good. From the staff, to the food and comfort. Excellent!"
Positiv: "Sehr freundliche Crew, leider Verspätung ohne Schuld der Swiss, wurde durch die Crew sehr freundlich und deutlich kommuniziert."
Negativ: "All of it"
Positiv: "Crew was wonderful"
Negativ: "For this COVID to be over"
Negativ: "I adore delta! Great airline, I fly delta whenever possible"
Positiv: "Leg room in comfort +"
Negativ: "Removal of food trays could be done sooner"
Negativ: "just an old plane. still had ashtrays in it. but overall ok because arrived safely and professionalism of staff was quite commendable"
Positiv: "The crewe members were great."
Positiv: "Decent leg room for economy, lots of food offered, excellent choice of movie. Friendly crew."
Negativ: "Additional security check at the gate is unnecessary, annoying and insulting. Worst then third world country."
Negativ: "Delta Comfort was no where near as good as a similar class on other airlines, such as Air France or KLM."
Positiv: "The crew was understanding and sympathetic to the customer's frustration with a delayed flight."
Negativ: "Delta should have figured out a way to not delay the flight. Every flight was delayed."
Negativ: "Ich hatte für meine Mutter und mich das Ticket zusammen gebucht jedoch haben wir keine Sitze nebeneinander bekommen. Nicht schlimm aber schon ärgerlich wenn das nicht von der Airline aus klappt und die Leute nicht Sitze tauschen wollen"
Positiv: "Crew was great especially Fawn. Best flight attendant I’ve had."
Negativ: "Bildschirmgrösse"
Negativ: "Mehr Verpflegung mit Getränken wäre schön gewesen, aber an sich alles ok."
Negativ: "90 minutes on the taxiway is not what you want"
Positiv: "Nice crew"
Negativ: "Late flight due to ground hold EWR. Two screaming kids immediately behind me."
Positiv: "Crew was friendly!"
Negativ: "Plane wasn’t clean"
Positiv: "Comfort"
Negativ: "WiFi never connects food"
Positiv: "The staff are great very nice pleasant"
Negativ: "Wifi doesn't work for long time and have wait long periods to watch something. TV on head reat is nice"
Positiv: "Food, comfort, entertainment and treatment by the crew on this flight was spectacular. There was a lot of food, good entertainment and importantly, the seats were wide and comfortable."
Negativ: "Very old plane, 767-300. The bathrooms needed a better and more thorough renovation."
Positiv: "The food was good Flight was on time plane was clean loved the crew! Flew out with them, and returned with them... so that was nice!"
Negativ: "Not knowing we were being bused to plane from Terminal Boarded early because of it, created a bit of chaos and panic My tv was broken- worked intermittently need connector for iphone ear buds - should have universal ports"
Negativ: "Need vegetarian meal in first class"
Positiv: "Seats more comfortable, plan wasn’t too full"
Negativ: "No charging port for cellphone."
Negativ: "Wir hatten uns für den teureren Direktflug entschieden - dieser wurde zweimal geändert, letztendlich hatten wir einen Stop in Orlando und sind viel früher losgeflogen als ursprünglich geplant - was zur Folge hatte, dass die Kids quasi nicht geschlafen haben weil wir mitten in der Nacht ankamen und zu allem Überfluss wurden unsere Sitzplätze geändert - in die Reihe vor dem Notausgang, an der sich nicht mal die Lehne zurückstellen lässt... also extrem wenig Platz wenn der Vordermann seine zurückstellt..."
Positiv: "Alle Flüge pünktlich, nettes Personal an Board, Essen gut, gerne wieder"
Positiv: "Everything. Very nice accommodating ok"
Positiv: "Crew and boarding were great, which I expect from a premium carrier like delta."
Negativ: "Perfect day outside, not a busy day or time to fly. The email forbhe plane being late was was too last minute. A heads up sooner would have been nice. That way we’re not waiting at the airport."
Positiv: "drink carts came around twice"
Negativ: "Even though there were sunchips available, they were not giving them out to everyone. Only the people that paid up in coach got the sun chips. The rest of us got these sad bag of pretzels and cheesey snacks. So sad. Why wouldn't Delta offer the same snacks to everyone? Seems like such a small additional cost compared to such an offensive action. The money you save is certainly lost in bad publicity."
Positiv: "The crew was great, the plane didnt have any extras and the headrest didnt have the adjustable flaps."
Negativ: "Lack of charging outlet and no headrest screen for entertainment."
Positiv: "The staff was efficient and kind"
Negativ: "The plane was late for weather reasons and they overbooked the flight they had to offer $400 for next flight wasn’t until the next morning.. no entertainment system on plane"
Negativ: "No LCD screen for entertainment."
Positiv: "Der Flug fand immerhin statt"
Negativ: "Der Flug startete mit 4 Stunden Verspätung, die sich im halbstündige m Rhythmus ohne Angabe von Gründen aufbauten. Erst nach massiven Beschwerden mehrerer Kunden gab es schließlich ein Fläschchen Wasser."
Positiv: "Personnel was friendly and accommodating"
Negativ: "Delayed half hour and no leg room"
Negativ: "Langes warten für fliegen , Kamikaze Check in,"
Positiv: "Freundliche Service"
Negativ: "Flugzeug ist über die Jahre gekommen (Alt)"
Positiv: "Smooth flight"
Negativ: "45 minute delay (due to airport, not airline"
Positiv: "Power outlets, snacks, beverages."
Negativ: "Boarding (goes faster if the rear of the plane boards first), delay, insufficient space at seat, no advance notification of needed app for entertainment access, app not available on kindle fires."
Positiv: "Crew was nice. Flight very smooth"
Negativ: "We had to get seats at boarding because of the flight delay. She offered us two seats in the back. I knew they don't pushback so I said no. She had given the woman ahead of me two seats in comfort plus. Did not offer that and was rude. There were at least a few empty seats in that area. As a courtesy to us having 1)been delayed in Costa Rica. And then 2) a long wait for the connecting flight in Atlanta it would have been reasonable to offer those seats. Which remained empty"
Positiv: "Boarding was quick. Staff and crew were friendly. Everything went well despite the 30 min delay we had on the runway. They gave us snacks and we ended up still arriving on time."
Positiv: "Good"
Negativ: "Seats"
Positiv: "Convince of the online apps and the TSA precheck"
Negativ: "The aircraft was noisy, and the seats were very uncomfortable and extremely close together.."
Positiv: "Flight attendants were friendly."
Negativ: "Coffee was bad and was luke warm!! It was very cold in the cabin and then really warm."
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "Delay and inoperative Sattelite TV"
Positiv: "Nice regional jet!"
Negativ: "It was a regional jet..."
Positiv: "Variety of entertainment options, much was complementary, which was definitely a neat addition."
Negativ: "There was a bit of a delay right before boarding, which was not the airline's fault, but air traffic control at the destination. Unfortunate, but things happen."
Positiv: "Kayak tells u the baggage claim and the new gAtes"
Positiv: "the inflight service and the quality of food was outstanding."
Negativ: "some choice of indian movies would be appreciated."
Positiv: "Very professional and courteous"
Positiv: "Delta did a great job - you absolutely can not complain about the food/drink service as they are seemingly constantly walking through the aisles to offer more food and drinks. The coffee is kind of lousy, but I'm sure it is a tremendous challenge to serve good coffee on an airplane."
Negativ: "My entertainment system was essentially broken - one of the crew members was very helpful in helping me try to fix it and then giving a voucher for what I thought was a reasonable amount."
Positiv: "Boarding was efficient"
Negativ: "My luggage didn't arrive with me"
Positiv: "Polite and efficient"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Food was good for coach. Took off and landed on time"
Negativ: "Cramped in coach. Observed a little bickering between crew members on movement of carts down the aisles. Seat back entertainment controls very slow in response time."

Gepäck kam leider nicht an und wir wurden erts nach langem warten informiert. Swissport team hat aber einen fantastischen Job gemacht und unsere Lost&Found Formulare mit uns ausgefüllt.

Angenehmer Flug, sympathische Crew

Positiv: "Upgrade von Premium auf C"
Negativ: "alles prima"
Negativ: "Hygieneplan scheint nicht vorhanden zu sein. Boarding ohne Abstand und aussteigen unter chaotischen Zuständen. Reihen werden zum Ausstieg aufgerufen, obwohl der Gang noch völlig blockiert ist mit anderen Passagieren. Anti Covid-19-Maßnahmen scheinen hier noch ein Fremdwort zu sein. Sehr enttäuschend und beängstigend. Andere Airlines (Swiss) sorgen für ein besseres Sicherheitsgefühl."
Positiv: "Nichts"
Negativ: "Absolut kein Platz für ein kleines Handgepäck weil andere Leute rücksichtslos ihren ganzen Hausstand dabei haben und die Lufthansa es nicht interessiert, wieviel jeder da so mitbringt. Personal führt lieber Privatgespräche und beobachtet einen, wie man verzweifelt nach Platz such, anstatt zu helfen."
Positiv: "It was an uneventful flight. The entertainment system worked well and food was good."
Negativ: "The lights kept coming on every few minutes making sleep nearly impossible."
Negativ: "Rückflug war 4h Verspätet und WiFi an Board war dann auch noch defekt."
Negativ: "Everything was excellent! I will be flying with them again!"
Positiv: "Seat was not super comfortable."
Positiv: "The crew"
Negativ: "The seat space and food"
Positiv: "stewardessen"
Negativ: "das Pathos"
Positiv: "Crew war informativ bezogen auf Verspätung. Bremsen in Bremen sehr fragwürdig. Kein Grund in Bremen so stark zu bremsen."
Negativ: "Landung mit Stop übermässig stark gebremst. Bin jahrelang selbst in Bremen gelandet mit viel grösserem Flugzeug. Nie Problem gehabt. Mopedflieger von Cityline brauch so eine Bremsung nicht total unkomfortabel für die Pax"
Positiv: "Pilotin war eine Katastrophe. Flug ungleichmäßig und die Landung total schlecht. Das. hintere Teil ist aufgeschlagen."
Negativ: "Landung und Flug"
Negativ: "wasserflaschen und cola bûchsen"
Negativ: "Getränkeauswahl sehr klein"
Positiv: "Gute Verpflegung und Betreuung während des Fluges (Getränke)"
Negativ: "Kabinenpersonal hat sich ständig laut privat unterhalten (mein Sitz war direkt vor dem Service-Bereich...)"
Negativ: "Mehr als 2h Verspätung"
Positiv: "Maschine war ganz leer, Crew super nett Frühstück in MUC Lounge gut"
Negativ: "LH typisch keinen Komfort, Internet zum bezahlen, Catering mies"
Positiv: "nette crew"
Negativ: "obwohl wir über 5 stunden im Flieger waren, war es ein Kurzstreckenflieger ohne jeden Komfort und wir bezahlten aber Business Class Preise! Da lobe ich mir British Airways!"
Positiv: "A320neo. Gut gelauntes Bordpersonal trotz verzögerter Abreise und später Ankunft"
Negativ: "Kommunikation der Verspätung am Flughafen. Recht plötzlicher Gatewechsel trotz absehbarer Verspätung. Zu wenig Vorfeldpersonal für zeitgerechte Verladung"
Positiv: "Crew tried its best to fulfill the needs of the passengers. Flight was overbooked."
Negativ: "No space at all for all the luggage."
Positiv: "Personal war sehr freundlich"
Negativ: "Sitzplatz wurde ohne Nachfrage abgegeben Gürtelschnalle mit Kaugummi versehen Boarding wegen scanvorgang und Türöffner extrem langsam"
Negativ: "Von drei Flügen auf der Strecke Bali-FRA war einer von Lufthansa ausgeführt und der einzige verspätete gewesen. Leistung - OK, mehr kann ich nicht sagen."
Positiv: "Personal freundlich und aufmerksam. Flug pünktlich."
Positiv: "Also a lovely and comfortable flight"
Negativ: "No complaints"
Positiv: "Comfortable with good food, drink, entertainment and service. Flight left on time."
Negativ: "NA"
Negativ: "Sehr unaufmerksames Personal. Essen wurde vergessen, Amenity Kit fehlte"
Positiv: "Short trip"
Positiv: "Das Flugpersonal war sehr zuvorkommend aufgrund der 20 minütigen Verspätung"
Negativ: "Flight was delayed getting out and when we landed we were stuck on the tarmac for an hour so our connecting flight was missed. The person at the Lufthansa desk left at EWR so there was no one to talk to about vouchers for our cancelled flight. Also I never received an email update about my upgrade request contrary to the email I received saying that I would get an update. I would not fly again on Lufthansa."
Positiv: "Alles bestens"
Negativ: "Nichts zu bemängeln"
Positiv: "Flug war über pünktlich, wenn auch die fehlende Parkposition in Frankfurt den Zeitgewinn wieder wett gemacht hat. Einstieg war problemlos. Crew sehr motiviert und mit Freude bei der Sache."
Negativ: "Das Ei beim Frühstück gewohnt geschmacklos. Ansonsten war das Essen okay."
Positiv: "Great aircraft"
Negativ: "Waiting for arrival gate"
Positiv: "Comfortable plane, food good, flight attendants professional. No complaints"
Positiv: "Flugpersonal war sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit. Boarding ging auch sehr schnell."
Negativ: "Auf unserem Langstreckenflug bekamen wir zwei Mahlzeiten. Leider war bei beiden Malen ein Gericht aus, sodass ich immer das bekam, für das ich mich nicht entschieden hätte... Cola war nach ca 1h komplett aus"
Positiv: "Everything! By far the best flight that I have ever been on!"
Negativ: "All was fine. No complaints!"
Positiv: "Verspätet und dann trotzdem noch den ganzen hons Circle zuerst Kram durchziehen geht nicht"
Positiv: "The plane was cleaner that most other ones and the seating configuration made it easy to get comfortable during the flight."
Negativ: "The flight was delayed with no explanation or announcement as to why. The flight attendants only passed the beverage cart or served water when serving the meals during the 9-hour flight. At no other time did they check to see if the passengers wanted a beverage."
Positiv: "The crew was competent and friendly. Once we missed our connection, the "help desk" was accommodating, though we had to stand in line for a long, long time before they could help us."
Negativ: "We were delayed leaving Munich and the pilot simply said he had no explanation. The delay, combined with massive dysfunction at the Newark airport, caused us to miss our connection to RDU. We ended up in an airport hotel where we caught four hours' sleep before returning to the airport. Newark airport is the worst I've ever experienced. Getting our passports stamped took more than an hour. There were five officials there to clear five or six hundred U.S. passport holders. Then, the TSA people were rude, inefficient, and achingly slow. Overall, it was a horrible experience."
Positiv: "Der mit Abstand beste Pilot mit dem ich je geflogen bin. Crew auch sehr nett."
Positiv: "Flug leider nicht pünktlich gestartet"
Positiv: "Der Flug war pünktlich und ist sogar vor seiner Zeit in München angekommen."
Negativ: "Die Landung war etwas hart und der Druckausgleich in der Kabinen war nicht optimal, sodass teilweise die Ohren im Landeanflug wehgetan haben"
Positiv: "One of the crew members, a male, was very nice."
Negativ: "•We boarded and consequently landed late, which caused my cousin to miss his connecting flight, coupled with the long customs process upon landing. There was no accommodation given to my cousin so I have to take him back home with me and then drive 2 hours tomorrow morning to bring him back for his new flight. •The charger ports for our seats were not working, which means we were 8 hours + without a phone. •One female flight attendant had a bad attitude and dropped pretzels in my lap after I turned to quickly ask my cousin a question regarding what drink he wanted. •The plane landing was one of the most reckless I’d ever witnessed."
Positiv: "Friendly and efficient staff."
Positiv: "voller Flieger mit nervigen Touristen am frühen Morgen und Start 25 Minuten zu spät.. thats it !!"
Positiv: "The crew were friendly"
Negativ: "Nothing I didn't like"
Positiv: "es gab einen kleinen Lebkuchen zum Empfang und man bekam ein Getränk nach Wahl"
Negativ: "sehr hohe Passagepreise (gegenüber Air Berlin)"
Positiv: "we had a wonderful FA. we laughed a lot and it was an enjoyable flight"
Negativ: "very very good food and excellent red wine supplies!"
Positiv: "I liked having the option to upgrade to a Premium Economy seat for this long flight. It made a big difference in my comfort during the flight."
Negativ: "Das Bodenpersonal von Lufthansa am Düsseldorfer Flughafen ist unmöglich. Beim Check-In konnte mir die Dame keine Boardingkarte für meinen Anschlussflug drucken. Sie hat eine ganze Weile versucht mir die Karte zu drucken aber sie hat es nicht geschafft, später kam Hilfe dazu aber es ging trotzdem nicht. Daraufhin kam die Aussage, dass ich die Boardingkarte für Singaporeairlines vor Ort in Frankfurt holen solle. Ich möchte bemerken, dass die Umsteigezeit nur eine halbe Stunde betrug und der Frankfurter Flughafen bekanntlich sehr groß ist. Die Aussage der Lufthansa Supervisorin in Düsseldorf war: "Sie sind jung Sie schaffen das, laufen Sie einfach!" Anschließend musste ich noch 350€ für mein Extragepäck bezahlen, obwohl es eigentlich hätte 270€ hätte kosten müssen. Nach einer 10 Minütigen Dsikussion warum es denn so viel kostet, kam als Aussage, dass ich eigentlich Recht habe, aber das System leider die 350€ anzeigt! Es kann doch wohl nicht wahr sein, dass ich eigentlich 270€ bezahlen muss und es mir auch von der Lufthansa persönlich so bestätigt wird aber ich 350€ bezahle, weil das System es so anzeigt! Ich hatte lediglich einen einstündigen Flug mit der Lufthansa und anschließend einen knapp 9 Stundenflug mit Singapore Airlines. Bei dem Flug nach New York habe ich bei Singapore Airlines 2 Freigepäckstücke. Ich habe mich ausdrücklich bei der Lufthansa informiert, ob die Gepäckregelungen von Singaporeairlines gelten und mir wurde zweimal hundertprozent garantiert, dass die Gepäckbestimmungen von Singapore Airlines gelten, da ich länger mit der Fluggesellschaft fliege. Letzendlich musste ich mein zweites Gepäckstück doch bezahlen. 10 Minuten vor dem Boarding in Düsseldorf kam die Lufthansa Supervisorin zu mir und sagte, dass Sie wüsste, warum Sie mir keine Boardingkarte ausstellen kann. Es sei so, weil ich keinen Rückflug hätte, Sie hat mir erklärt, dass ich nicht in die USA einreisen könnte ohne einen Rückflug! Das Stimmt nicht! Lufthansa bitte belehrt euer PÜersonal richtig!!!! Ich habe ein J-1 Visum für ein Jahr und darf natürlich ohne einen Rückflug in den USA einreisen! Ich wurde vor Boarding aufgehalten und habe fast meinen Flug verpasst. Diese Dame wollt mich nicht fliegen lassen und mir einen "günstigen" Rückflug von 1500€ verkaufen! Und hat mir auch gedroht, dass Sie mich nicht fliegen lassen kann, weil Lufthansa sonst eine Strafe von 60.000€ bezahlen müsse. Ich möchte nochmal anmerken, dass ich mit der Lufthansa nur nach Frankfurt geflogen bin, also innerländisch! Wenn es so eine Strafe gegeben hätte, dann müsste Singapore Airlines diese bezahlen. Später sagte die Dame noch, dass Singapore Airlines mich sowieso nicht fliegen lassen würde! Also konnte ich plötzlich doch fliegen! Letzendlich bin ich gerade natürlich in den USA und JA ich durfte einreisen OHNE EINEN RÜCKFLUG!!! Denn ich arbeite in den Staaten und kann nicht hellsehen, was in 12 Monaten ist und wann ich zurückfliegen kann!!! Nie wieder fliege ich mit der Lufthansa!!"

Reise wurde von SAS storniert

Reise wurde von SAS storniert

Positiv: "Crew war Super!"
Negativ: "Schlimmes, altes, kleines und sehr beengendes Flugzeug, extrem schlechte Belüftung!"
Positiv: "the diverse amount of films"
Negativ: "the food could have been better."
Positiv: "Good service"
Negativ: "That we had to pay for checked bagage on the return flight (Copenhagen to Newark) was an unpleasant and expensive surprise. In the 25+ years I have flown trans Atlantic with SAS, this is the first time that I’ve had to pay for luggage. No pre-warning .... :-(."
Negativ: "When we checked in for the return flight in CPH we learned that our return ticket was “light” ie it did not include luggage. we were not informed about this, we did not request a ‘light” return ticket, and...why would we when we checked luggage flying over? We’d like the usd100 refunded"
Positiv: "Crew war super speziell Carsten!"
Negativ: "Eine Fussmassage hätte es noch toppen können."
Positiv: "The food was amazing"
Negativ: "The seats could have more space"
Negativ: "MUC >> CPH wurde durch SAS durchgeführt, jegliche Versorgung kostet extra. Nicht was man erwartet, wenn man durch Lufthansa bucht!"
Negativ: "Don't remember this flight"
Positiv: "Sehr nette Besatzung Schnelles und geordnetes Boarding"
Negativ: "Verpflegung war kostenpflichtig mit Ausnahme von Tee und Kaffee."
Positiv: "Nix"
Negativ: "Anschlussflug wurde gecancelt"
Positiv: "Gibt nix gutes"
Negativ: "Flug wurde gecancelt ohne das man benachrichtig wird!!"
Positiv: "Definitely one of the cleanest aircrafts I have seen. Design in grey simple but good. Nice and friendly staff."
Negativ: "New Arla Milk packages have a strange form and way to open which makes it tough not to spill the milk on you!"
Positiv: "Love the service on Alaska. Crew were incredibly nice!"
Negativ: "the staff constantly refused to help when they could and provided wrong information that caused me to miss my flight. i will never book through kayak because of this experience."
Positiv: "The food was great and the staff were excellent."
Negativ: "The entertainment selection was limited and there were no live channels - just prerecorded content"
Positiv: "Flight was on time with friendly crew"
Negativ: "Backup plane from the 90s had broken entertainment system"
Negativ: "Filme waren ok, aber nur ein Spiel (Schach) auf einem Interkontinentalflug (CPH - SFO) ist eher mager für einen 11h-Flug. Spiele müssen ja nicht sein, aber andere Fluglinien als SAS bieten da mehr..."
Positiv: "Good movies and food good. Seats wide enough and mostly enough bathrooms."
Positiv: "Prompt boarding, early departure and early arrival."
Negativ: "The take it or leave it attitude of the cabin crew (amazingly casual) and SAS’s persistence in having two standards of service in the one cabin - free food & drink up front, however only tea & coffee or a cup of water up the back and you can pay for the rest!"
Positiv: "Everything about the flight was wonderful except baggage claim, in BOTH directions."
Negativ: "It could have been the perfect trip, but I am not sure why SAS baggage handling is so mediocre. In both the flights from EWR to OSLO and back, every aspect of the trip was super, except for the wait for baggage. In Oslo, I estimate having waited at least a half an hour at the carousel before the bags started showing up, and the same in Newark. We had long cleared Immigration, which normally is not a speedy process, and yet still had to wait at least 20 minutes for the FIRST bag to appear on the carousel. Most annoying, particularly after a relatively long flight, and especially for transfer passengers who needed to recheck their bags to continue to other destinations."
Positiv: "Flug hat Minimumkriterien erfuellt. Sicherheit. Sehr gute Landung und Infos vom Käpten.Getraenke wurden offeriert."
Negativ: "Kein Entertainementsystem vorhanden. Kein Food. Info über vorhandene Service( entertainment und food ) im Flug wäre wünschenswert."
Positiv: "Pünktlichkeit/ Sehr gute und viel Verpflegung/ Genügend Platz/"
Negativ: "Leider waren geschätzt 70% der Monitore kaputt. Ich hab den Sitzplatz gewechselt um Filme schauen zu koennen. Info über vorhandene Service( entertainment und food ) im Flug vor Abflug wäre wünschenswert."
Positiv: "The flight attendees were great, always taking good care of somebody and gave me more drinks/food when needed. You had enough space and everybody could sleep. Already looking forward to my flight back home."
Negativ: "The Entertainment could have some more movies to watch - After 3 movies there was absolutely no other movie that might have been interesting to me. However, after 3 movies you are also supposed to stop so it's not even so bad."
Positiv: "On time, movies, service staff"
Positiv: "Staff efficient."
Negativ: "Leg room is tight. No free alcohol. Dinner was very good. Lunch snack was tasteless."
Positiv: "The salad they served me in SAS Plus had fish in it which I'm allergic too and the stewardess immediately found one that had chicken instead. She also sang a Lullaby song thanking us for flying SAS on landing. Great! :-)"
Positiv: "Great service, friendly stewards and stewardesses, delicious food"
Positiv: "Good food and a good entertainment system that comes with plenty of options. I really like that SAS doesn’t go for your wallet for every bag like jus about EVERY AMERICAN CARRIER!"
Negativ: "Leg room could be more generous but then again I’m 6’3” so it is what it is."
Negativ: "The crew passed by me TWICE while serving food and I was not sleeping at that time. I had to go and ask for food myself. Also there was a delay about 40 minutes when taking off in CPH (CPH-EWR) because of a fuel-screen malfunction or smth. The pilot was very nice and kept us informed all the time. I still didn't make my connection flight due to the delay and SAS rebooked me which made my already long trip 8 hrs longer."
Positiv: "Pünktlicher Abflug und zügiges Boarding, die Crew war freundlich reserviert."
Negativ: "Essen nur in der teuersten Buchungsklasse inklusive, ansonsten wenig Auswahl."
Positiv: "Food was good and so was the entertainment on board"
Negativ: "Issues with boarding due to problems with brakes so flight was delayed by 3 hours. No food or drinks were offered"
Negativ: "Horrible. They claim "free wifi" but it didn't work. 8.5 hour flight without wifi is ridiculous."
Positiv: "The entire experience was great. Smooth flight, good food and friendly crew."
Negativ: "5 STD. Verspätung."
Positiv: "Angenehmer Flug, schnelles Boarding und Deboarding..."
Negativ: "Alte Machine, Lange Wartezeit im Flieger ohne Erklärung für die Verspätung. Keine Zeitschrift, Personal Recht unsichtbar. Kaffee ohne das Milch oder Zucker angeboten wurde."
Positiv: "Seat was much more comfortable than the first flight, flight attendants were more polite, food was ok, entertainment was adequate, overall not bad."
Negativ: "No major complaints on this flight."
Negativ: "Didn't make connectingflight due to a bomb alert at airport. sAS didntgive any support with either food or hotel. Stuck in Copenhagen for a day and night."
Positiv: "Check in, Fast Track, lounge, 1. Reihe"
Negativ: "man sitzt auf engeren Sitzen (Tablett ist in der Armlehne), aber ebenso zu dritt wie in der Eco. 1A-B-C haben viel kleineren Fußraum als 1D-E-F Stewardess wollte kein Handgepäck erlauben, da die Kanine bereits zu voll war. Ich schuld vor, sie solle erst einmal das Gepäck der Mitarbeiter aus der Kabine nehmen, dann reicht es auch für die Paxe ...."
Positiv: "Free water bottles, headphones, blankets and pillows for all passengers. Two meals (one full, one small). TVs in chairs. Flight felt roomy. A relatively pleasant experience."
Negativ: "No free booze!"
Positiv: "Essen in der Business Class okay"
Negativ: "Irritierend, dass in der Businessklasse der Mittelsitz NICHT frei bleibt"
Positiv: "They were very accommodating to alternate diets. All staff were very friendly and helpful"
Positiv: "Die Besatzung war sehr nett, der Ablauf gut organisiert. Hat alles wunderbar geklappt. Zur Verpflegung gab es Kaffee oder Tee, was aber ok ist bei dem ultrakurzen Flug."
Positiv: "Die Besatzung war sehr nett, der Ablauf gut organisiert. Hat alles wunderbar geklappt. Zur Verpflegung gab es Kaffee oder Tee, was aber ok ist bei dem kurzen Flug."
Negativ: "Komfort dürfte etwas besser sein. Unterhaltung gab es keine."
Positiv: "Comfy seats. Good good service. Great video options."
Negativ: "SAS staff seems sort of cold and cranky."
Positiv: "Flights on time"
Negativ: "The flight to Sweden was very very bumpy. Lots of turbulence very scary"
Positiv: "Real meals"
Positiv: "Super"
Negativ: "Aufgrund vorheriger Verzögerungen war der Flug mal wieder verspätet. Information am Gate eher mangelhaft."

Habe flug verpasst, Anschluss von Brest war zu knapp (30') mit 10' Verspätung v Start

Positiv: "The premium economy- it was the most uncomfortable - tight seats. The back of the seats are not reclining It’s not worth the money you pay for premium services"
Negativ: "The premium economy should be eliminated and should be labeled for what it is: couch class with some perks"
Positiv: "La ponctualité."
Negativ: "Variété des boissons proposées."
Positiv: "Crew are the best!"
Positiv: "How great everyone was and smooth sailing."
Negativ: "Made sure the flight was not over booked."
Negativ: "Short and sweet"
Positiv: "Nette Crew, Privatsphäre und leckeres Catering"
Negativ: "Boarding"
Positiv: "Despite being a short flight, they gave food"
Negativ: "Nothing. All ok"
Negativ: "Die Bestuhlung der Business Class in der Boeing 777 ist unbequem. Es gibt wenig Ablagemöglichkeiten. Die Anordnung ist 2-3-2, und die Fensterplätze und der mittlere Sitz hat keinen Zugang zum Gang. Man muss bei diesen Sitzen die Nachbarn belästigen. Finde ich gelinde gesagt suboptimal."
Positiv: "More space in business class (777-300) than many other airlines."
Negativ: "Entertainment very limited. No adjustable air vents in this aircraft"
Positiv: "Crew memebers"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Amasing crew"
Negativ: "Our request for vegetarian meals got lost after a glight was cancelled."
Negativ: "First class bathroom could have been cleaner and wider - very narrow, hard to maneuver"
Positiv: "Incredible staff. Super polite"
Negativ: "We had a short delay"
Positiv: "Mit einer Ausnahme war die Crew wenig motiviert"
Positiv: "The crew was very helpful in all respects."
Negativ: "Not getting everyone standing in line to board one hour and 10 minutes before scheduled departure."
Negativ: "There was no entertainment available."
Positiv: "crew was great, seats were comfortable"
Negativ: "departure board listed flight as being boarded and gate closed hour before flight leading to confusion and standing in queue for over an hour, part of food was frozen and inedible, paid for upgraded seat which turned out to be by bathroom smells were as bad as you can imagine"
Negativ: "Sehr laut! Eng gestuhlt"
Positiv: "The crew"
Negativ: "Seats! They were too small!"
Negativ: "4 Stunden Wartezeit am Flughafen leider zu lang:("
Positiv: "Crew was very nice and the food was excellent."
Positiv: "Crew was very nice. Food was good and tasty."
Negativ: "Plane seemed a little worn, which surprised me since it was an A380. Not that old. I had purchased an upgrade to a seat with more legroom, only to find out there was no USB plug for charging my phone. All standard seats have them. Would have been nice to be warned about that."
Negativ: "Flug kommt Mitten in der Nacht in Paris an. Da die Verbindung zum Anschlussgate noch geschlossen war, mussten wir formal nach Frankreich einreisen um zum Gate nach München zu kommen. Dort darf man sich im ungeheiztem Gate noch mindestens 2 Stunden die Zeit vetreiben."
Positiv: "Die Crew war nett"
Negativ: "Sitze waren sehr verschlissen, bzw. funtionierten teilweise nicht. Bordunterhaltung war nur auf einem Monitor möglich der andere Monitor funktionierte nicht."
Positiv: "Nette Besatzung, Kleiigjeit zum Essen und Trinken"
Negativ: "Sehr wenig Platz, wenig zum Essen"
Positiv: "Most of the crew tired especially hard to keep everyone comfortable and safe. The food was absolutely amazing."
Negativ: "Other members of the crew were snarky to passengers and dismissive of questions from passengers during the early stages of the delay. We were all trapped on board for about 4 or so hours without much communication from the crew or captain which made me very anxious. We arrived 5 hrs late and it put my whole trip in jeopardy. Based on this experience, I eont be inclined to use this airline again for future trip planning. This airline will need to work hard to earn my trust back because i felt physically and emotionally unsafe throughout the experience, many times."
Negativ: "Verspätung"
Negativ: "Flying back to US, passsengers get charged for their luggage. Which this is not informed to us, neither On our email nor when we were checking ( for free) in Us"
Positiv: "Just a routine flight but done with perfect execution."
Negativ: "Nothing."
Positiv: "Good quality flight"
Negativ: "But delayed and lost baggage"
Negativ: "I was treated like I am not supposed to ask for food and they had one choice of meal for me while they had 2 for the rest."
Positiv: "Flug war kurz, dennoch gab es Getränke. Das war super!"
Positiv: "Flugpersonal war außerordentlich aufmerksam und freundlich. Der Flug mehr als entspannt. Auch das Essen war super!"
Positiv: "The only thing that I like about the flight was that it was easy to boarding"
Negativ: "The food was not heat correctly it was cold and I felt that the crew rush to give out the food. The seats are terrible, if the person in front of you reclines you won’t be able to see the screen if your watching a movie and you will see the top of the persons head."
Negativ: "Separated me and my wife for the whole flight! Could not accommodate us together. This reservation was made over 6 weeks ago !!!"
Positiv: "Alle ok, Personal freundlich zuvorkommend"
Negativ: "kleiner Snack mit Kaffee, alles gut für den kurzen Flug."
Positiv: "Everything was fine"
Negativ: "Leg space."
Positiv: "Food, service, comfort"
Negativ: "It is very difficult to get around CDG airport with a disabled person. There is no shuttle. By the time we got to check in, we were ten minutes late. They would not check us in, and we paid over $700 to change tickets to the next flight. When I complained, I was told to stop being rude or I would get no ticket at all. My mother is 94 years old and we did the best we could given the circumstance."
Positiv: "Personnel"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Negativ: "No offer of snack with no egg in it."
Positiv: "Food was Fantastic, Air France the Best on Air."
Positiv: "That flight have been short"
Negativ: "Fly attendants have been in hurry when they served snack"
Positiv: "Flight landed 15min ahead of schedule. Good seating (29C in 777-300 ER), Good choice on entertainment program, also in german language."
Negativ: "Ordered meal not available (ok, AF staff was on strike)"
Positiv: "Während des Nachtflugs war es ziemlich kalt in der Kabine. Aber es gab eine Decke und ein Kissen. Das war gut! Leider wenig Deutsche Inhalte auf den Entertainment Bildschirmen am Vordersitz. Sonst alles super!"
Positiv: "The crew took care with calm and kindness of a man in deep distress and erratic behavior. Impressive. More generally , the crew showed respect and attention to all passengers. Not frequent."

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Zürich - Flughafen Newark Liberty


Zürich (ZRH)Schweiz


Flughafen Newark Liberty (EWR)USA

Angebote für den Rückflug:

Flughafen Newark Liberty - Zürich

Abflughäfen ansehen:

CHF 376