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Top 5 Airlines für Flüge nach Palma de Mallorca

Ergebnis basierend auf Bewertungen von KAYAK-Nutzern
Helvetic AirwaysErgebnis aus 427 Bewertungen
Positiv: "Eine Flugbegleiterin war sehr nett."
Negativ: "Der Flugbegleiter weigerte sich auf Bitten die leere Flasche abzuräumen. Unfassbar. So ein Verhalten habe ich an Board bisher noch nie erlebt."
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Positiv: "Eine Flugbegleiterin war sehr nett."
Negativ: "Der Flugbegleiter weigerte sich auf Bitten die leere Flasche abzuräumen. Unfassbar. So ein Verhalten habe ich an Board bisher noch nie erlebt."
Positiv: "Yes crews were amazing"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Everything"
Negativ: "Nothing"
Positiv: "Food better than normal"
Negativ: "Comfort.. Sits still old and not roomy as normal."
Positiv: "Zeitlich"
Negativ: "Crew war etwas schlecht gelaunt"
Positiv: "Pleasant crew"
Negativ: "Only discomfort was Florence airport. Airline service was very good."
Positiv: "nothing"
Negativ: "first plane was delayed few minutes and second plane - to boston - didnt wait and we missed them thanks a lott swiss - worst airline ever."
Positiv: "Nothing. No plug ins to charge phone and no entertainment."
Negativ: "Entertainment and more space. Plane super full and so so cramped."
Negativ: "I would never use the site to book flights again unreliable disorganised no customer focus misinformation in Web site which resulted in me having good to buy additional ticket from Gatwick at great expences and inconvenience"
Positiv: "Efficiency of staff"
Negativ: "cold croissant for breakfast/snack and no other alternative"
Positiv: "Clean plane, good seats"
Negativ: "Staff was not particularly friendly"
Negativ: "Our incoming flight was delayed so we missed our original connection. We were rebooked on a flight 5 hours later. That flight was then further delayed by 1.5 hours because that incoming plane had left London late. So we got to Florence 8 hours later than anticipated all because Swiss flights are not running on time."
Positiv: "Wine and food."
Negativ: "It was hot. Extra charge for carry on, $65."
Negativ: "Second delay of my return trip with no notice from the airline. Swiss employees herded passengers like sheep forna second passport inspection after the 3 hour delay, speaking to passengers in an abusive tone. It made me extremely uncomfortable."
Positiv: "Nice crew"
Negativ: "Waiting while boarding"
Positiv: "Swiss Airline was very clean with new planes and a great staff. An overall wonderful International flight!!"
Positiv: "same as Lufthansa"
Positiv: "Great, friendly service. Super food on a short flight!"
Negativ: "Everything was great."
Positiv: "Crew, timing, professionalism, cleanliness,"
Positiv: "Near on time arrival,"
Negativ: "Had to stand a long time on the bus to get to plane"
Positiv: "Service, food, chocolate,"
Negativ: "No wifi"
Positiv: "My son thankfully was able to switch our flight"
Negativ: "I was not notified original flight had been cancelled"
Negativ: "Our flight was rerouted due to weather, which was fine. Unfortunately after we landed at an alternate airport, Swiss Air was completely disorganized. Communication with the effected passengers was sparse. Very unimpressed with Swiss Air."
Negativ: "My seat was double booked and I couldn't sit down what was on my boarding ticket. I received this seat at the beginning of my trip in San Francisco during check-in, however apparently Swiss has arbitrarily overridden seating in Zurich. The crew on Budapest flight were rude, and ultimately didn't do anything when I brought this to their attention. I'd like some form of compensation for this inconvenience."
Positiv: "Everything was good, good staff, good servise."
Positiv: "Load"
Negativ: "Tight seating"
Positiv: "Perfect hours of the flight"
Negativ: "Food (sandwich dry...)"
Negativ: "Swiss cancelled our original flight. Put us on a much later flight that would not connect to our flight to Newark. Instead they put us up in a hotel in Zurich and put us on a United flight the next day, both my husband and I reached missed a day of work because of this."
Negativ: "No snacks, half cup juice. Boarding-no organized lines."
Positiv: "Service and Food/Beverage were very good"
Positiv: "Leg Room good at emergency exit row"
Negativ: "Not a lot of help at the airport."
Positiv: "Good service. Punctuality"
Negativ: "Late by 2 hours"
Positiv: "Quick, awesome, Swiss Crew as always perfect."
Negativ: "Turbulence but it’s a service problem )"
Positiv: "Like everything"
Negativ: "The plane was late at arriving, and therefore late to leave from Warsaw leaving very little time between landing in one place and the next plane leaving. It would have helped if we were reassured that the connecting flight would wait instead of running through the airport."
Negativ: "I could not obtain a refund."
Negativ: "old plane where you are cramped."
Positiv: "nice staff"
Negativ: "They took my carry on away, since it did not fit in their tiny overhead . I received it quite dirty. Plain poor sandwich"
Positiv: "Quick hotel accommodation"
Negativ: "Missed flight and missed day at work, lost another vacation day due to Swiss Air"
Positiv: "On time and reasonable comfort for a smaller plane."
Negativ: "Nothing I was unhappy with."
Negativ: "Pre-boarding experience was horrible. A young airline representative was walking among passengers waiting for boarding and forcing persons arbitrarily to check in carry on luggage claiming that there is not enough space in overhead compartments. In reality many bins were visibly half empty when boarding concluded. I was one of the persons selected for "special treatment". One is asked to walk to the counter to "prove" that the carry on follows regulations. Mine fit nicely into the measuring bin (was bought to fit and used on many flights over the years with no problems). Passing this first test is not enough, the next step is to weigh the luggage. For my carry on the weight was 8.5 kg which apparently is 0.5 kg above the limit so they took it away as a check-in luggage. It did not matter to them that I was connecting in Zurich to Los Angeles flight and needed items in my carry-on for a long flight as an elder person (e.g., in all this commotion I forgot to take out my medicine from the suitcase to have it with me on board). Despite being a long time frequent flyer in the Star Alliance I'll be avoiding in the future booking flights on Swiss as a plague."
Negativ: "No food or entertainment on this short flight"
Positiv: "Good staff, nice"
Negativ: "Plane felt old. Didn't feel safe."
Positiv: "Pünktlich"
Negativ: "I had to spend time in the lavatory to stretch I have never ever traveled so uncomfortably all my life and I fly long distance overseas at least twice year"
Positiv: "Both Stuttgart and Zuerich are smaller airports, which mrans shorter ways to the gates"
Negativ: "In Suttgart, signage vould be improved.i didn't see a general information board in the terminals and had to use the airport magazine. Waste of paper."
Positiv: "Pünktlich und schnell zu hause."
Negativ: "Bordpersonal war etwas hektisch. Aber sonst alles ok."
Positiv: "Great"
Negativ: "I found it outrageous that I was charged extra for my first piece of checked luggage, when nowhere (and I mean 'nowhere'!) during the reservation was it ever mentioned that this was supposedly a chartered flight. I paid quite a lot for this ticket especially NOT to be in such a formula."

Riesige Schlange beim Iberia Check-In in Madrid. Nur 2 Schalter geöffnet. Kein Personal. 2,5 Stunden vor Abflug da gewesen und trotzdem den Flug fast verpasst.

Glück gehabt, statt Iberia Express ist Iberia selber geflogen, mit einer lie flat Business Class. das war sehr angenehm!

Iberia Express ist pünktlich und wenn man Glück hat, kommen die Koffer an und bleiben nicht in Madrid hängen! Ansonsten von Boadrding angefangen eine absolut chaotische, unsympathische Airline! Und oft recht teuer!

Large crowd at the check in and bag drop with slow inefficient staff. Unwilling to help with checking my luggage through to my final destination although it was no problem on the outbound flight (with a different airline also two separate tickets)

never made this flight, Iberia abandoned us.

Unfreundliches Personal. Schlechter Kundenservice. Erhielt den Platz in letzter Reihe in der Ecke ohne Fenster. Gern hätte ich mir gewünscht dass mir dies am check in Schalter von der Damen gesagt wurden wäre. Da ich unter einer Clausophobie leide, hätte ich noch am Schalter um Umbuchung auf einen anderen Platz gebeten und die Mehrkosten dafür auf mich genommen. Vor das Boardpersonal war unfreundlich und bis überfordert und sagte mir die Maschine ist voll, ich hätte ja online zuvor einen Platz reservieren können. Ok, ich habe dazu gelernt. Auch dass ich so schnell nicht mehr mit Iberia fliegen werde, weil neben all der Tatsachen der Check-In Schalter und die BoardStewardess sehr unfreundlich und nicht kundenorientiert waren. Schade!

unfreundlich, den hintersten Platz in letzter Reihe ohne Fenster ganz in der Ecke bekommen. Für mich mit einer Clausophobie invorstellbar. Bat um einen anderen Platz, wurde genervt darauf hingewiesen, dass ich online hätte einen Platz reservieren können. Ok, ich ging davon aus, wenn so ein besonderer Platz vergeben wird am Flughafen Check in dass man darauf hingewiesen wird. Dann hätte ich noch vor Ort eine Platz gebucht und die Mehrkosten gezahlt. Äusserst unfreundliches Personal. Schade! So schnell nicht wieder mit Iberia!

Super easy process, make sure to check in on time, remember most airport is electronic so be prepared to navigate that, super short flight, no real time for drinks or snacks. Have your SpTH forms with barcode handy.

Die Crew von Iberia war in dem Hinflug und Rückflug sehr unfreundlich. Die wollen einem den Flug nicht schön machen. Sowie ist englisch nicht etwas das man bei Iberia sprechen muss. Wenn man nicht Spanisch spricht wird man nicht gleich behandelt.

Positiv: "upgrade bekommen"
Positiv: "Wir haben wegen ds günstigen preises gebucht und konnten auch 1x gratis umbuchen"
Negativ: "Die Crew hat keinen gesunden menschenverstand, fast schon peinlich"
Positiv: "Der preis war gut"
Negativ: "Die Crew dumm und unflexibel"
Positiv: "alles okay, Wasser gratis"
Positiv: "alles okay - Wasser gratis"
Negativ: "Bordpersonal sollte eingreifen, wenn kleine Kinder überhaupt nicht zu bändigen sind; Sicherheitsrelevanz"
Positiv: "Comfort"
Negativ: "Late and bad communication"
Negativ: "They lost my suitcase"
Negativ: "Not having to wait in the hot line. It is terrible that you cannot pick any seat if you buy economy. And the economy seats are tiny!!! The rate for checking in baggage is more expensive than other airlines. Food was terrible: both for dinner and breakfast had plane awful sandwiches . Not traveling iberia again"
Negativ: "I am 196 cm tall and I could barely move. I fly often and this was one of the most uncomfortable flights ever."
Negativ: "Fly on time"
Positiv: "The seat was comfortable."
Negativ: "A drink of water should not cost 2euro. On a moderately long flight it is a necessity."
Positiv: "Ich bin unzufrieden. Dieser Reise nach Palma de Mallorca hat mit zusätzlich Kosten und Stress verursacht."
Negativ: "1 - Gepäckbestimmungen bei Hin und Rückflug ( 1 x 20 kg Gepäck) bei Linienflüge wie Condor und Iberia wurde nicht berücksichtigt sodass ich 1 Gepäckstück 20kg bei Rückflug extra bezahlen muss. 2 - Ich habe 3 x Sitzplatzreservierungen bezahlt weil Iberia die Fluggesellschaft geändert hat ( anstatt Iberia plötzlich Vueling) und es keine andere Alternative bei der Check inn Online gab. Ich musste 3 Sitzplatzreservierungen bezahlen, 1 davon völlig unnötig. 3 - Gate Änderung von 92 auf 98 in Palma de Mallorca unmittelbar vor der Rückflug sodass ich fast mein Flug nach München verpasst habe. Den ganzen Stress und 2 extra Gebühren kann ich mir ersparen wenn ich mein Ticket direkt in der Reiseagentur kaufe."
Positiv: "Smooth flight"
Negativ: "It was delayed"
Positiv: "Service."
Negativ: "Space in between seats - very tight"
Negativ: "Still waiting for luggage 2 hours after arriving."
Positiv: "Arrived at destination"
Negativ: "Left an hour and a half late due to mechanical problems. This also disrupted in flight entertainment system. Got to destination"
Positiv: "Pünktlich, Catering okay in der Business Class"
Negativ: "Sehr umkomfortable Business Class"
Positiv: "The crew was amazing.The seats weren't bad but not super comfortable."
Negativ: "The kosher food was excellent and delicious but cold.Our only complaint was that the boss of the crew laughing and making lots of noise when people were trying to sleep.It was great to see people so happy but not during sleep time.I loved the crew.They were very warm and friendly.Boarding was excell"
Positiv: "Hier scheinten die Mitarbeiter noch motiviert zu sein."
Negativ: "Enge Plätze. Überteuertes Essen. Bekommt man besser bei Easy jet etc."
Positiv: "Das schnelle boarding"
Negativ: "Unhöfliches Personal beim Check-In in Panama und Madrid. Online steht 50€ bei Gepäckabgabe am Flughafen. Tatsächlich zahlt man dann 60€! Unfreundliches und unkompetentes Personal beim Flug von Panama nach Madrid. Kein Service! Essen wird einem vorgesetzt. Gleichgültigkeit besteht bei unverträglichkeit und Allergie! Die Bordunterhaltung hat sich nach einen Monat nicht verändert."
Negativ: "Für Business class viel zu enger Sitzabstand und nicht verstellbare sitze . Das geht gar nicht !!!"
Positiv: "Freundlichkeit der Stewardessen"
Negativ: "Mein Koffer ist stehen geblieben in Madrid."
Positiv: "Eine stuardess war sehr zuvorkommend"
Negativ: "Der Rest leider nicht"
Negativ: "Ich bin noch gar nicht angekommen denn der IBERIA Flugbist 3 Stunden verspätet. Somit layover in Madrid und über 1/2 Tag verloren"
Negativ: "Gepäck nicht mitgenommen"
Positiv: "Very good food and beverage. Good entertaiment, but been long trips there should be a little bit more selections of movies and series."
Negativ: "For long flights, on bussiness and first should be more chance to have open fresh beverage (Non Alcoholic) and options of snacks."
Positiv: "Muss extra bezahlt werden."
Positiv: "Sehr reibungslos und pünktlich"
Negativ: "Keine Verpflegung aber alles sonst Top"
Negativ: "We we’re delayed 3 1/2 hours causing us to miss our flight to San Sebastian. That, in turn, caused us to miss our check in for our hotel that we had already paid for so we ended up spending $300 on nothing."
Positiv: "Das Flugpersonal freundlich. Gepäckaufgabe zügig."
Negativ: "Die Sitze eng. Das Essen überteuert und nichts für Vegetarier."
Positiv: "Flugzeug war pünktlich da Boarding war ganz Schnell, Besatzung war sehr aufmerksam."
Negativ: "Alles außer das wichtigste war sehr gut und nämlich das Flugzeug selber. Als Business Klasse Passagier habe ich mich auf ein Minimum an Confort erwartet aber die Sitze waren genau so eng und unbequem wie die von der Economy Klasse, und ich bin 1,89 / 85 kg, also nicht ein Riese. Unterhaltung System gab es auch keins kein Bildschirm kein Fernseher und auch keine Musik. Für einen Business Flug zwischen zwei Kontinente finde ich das einfach nicht möglich, aber sonst war alles o. k."
Positiv: "Die Business Class ist die Economy mit einem Sitz in der Mitte frei. Die Perserin war sehr nett"
Negativ: "So gar nichts positives zu erwähnen. Ausser, die Maschine kam 10 Minuten zu früh rein FB waren lieb aber nicht sehr fit alles billig billig. Statt O-Saft gibt es Nectar etc Die Gäste verreisten mit mehreren überdimensionierten Koffern!"
Positiv: "Die Business Class ist die Economy mit einem Sitz in der Mitte frei. Das Catering war okay"
Negativ: "So gar nichts positives zu erwähnen. Ausser, die Maschine kam 10 Minuten zu früh rein FB waren lieb aber nicht sehr fit alles billig billig. Statt O-Saft gibt es Nectar etc"
Positiv: "Trotz genervter Gäste, war das Personal freundlich und hilsbereit."
Negativ: "1,5 Std. Verspätung, Chaos beim Boarding, kein Gepäck am Zielflughafen. Schlechter kann man kaum Abliefern!"
Positiv: "Der Flug ist vom check-in (kaum Wartezeit) bis zur Gepäckausgabe verlaufen, wie man es erwartet; keine highlights, aber auch keine Ärgernisse..."
Negativ: "Sitzplatz war verhältnismäßig eng"
Positiv: "They made up time on the flight"
Negativ: "This was already a makeup flight and it wasn’t efficient enough to help me"
Negativ: "No where when I booked the ticket it said I would need to pay for luggage and I had to pay 50euros for 1 checked bag"
Positiv: "Der Flug ist pünktlich gestartet."
Positiv: "."
Negativ: "Meine Buchung war seit 2 Monaten bestätigt. Am Check in teilten sie mir jedoch mit, dass der Flug overbooked war und ich nicht fliegen konnte. Dies wäre bei Iberia so üblich."
Positiv: "Extremely professional boarding process, and kind and attentive flight crew."
Negativ: "The plane was old and had no entertainment, there was a technical problem with the plane that made us late"
Negativ: "DELAY"
Positiv: "The crew was awesome"
Negativ: "Not AirEuropa’s fault but they left before we arrived in Zurich because Delta flight 66 was so late that our 3-hour layover became the AirEuropa flight left before the Delta flight arrived and deplaned."
Positiv: "The only thing I liked was the company of the people sitting next to me on the flight and the fact that we arrived safely."
Negativ: "The service at the check in counter could have been better. The online booking should have clearly stated that there will be a additional charge for check in luggage The crew on the flight used my overhead storage for their own bags and I had to put my bag under my legs. I barely fit in the seat"
Negativ: "No AC"
Negativ: "Boarding started 50 minutes late without explanation and we sat on the plane at the gate for another 45 minutes without any explanation as to what the delay was for."
Positiv: "2 per row so no middle seats"
Negativ: "charged me 2x what they would have online for a checked bag 60 euros which i thought was egregious. they were late & no beverages"
Negativ: "check in was slow"
Negativ: "At check in, our carry-on bag was 1lb over weight and we were told we would need to check our two bags. We saw several individuals with much larger bags boarding the plane."
Positiv: "Comfortable seats from the good old days on board B 737"
Positiv: "Pünktlicher Start, nette Besatzung"
Negativ: "Es gab keine Getränke und nicht mal eine Kleinigkeit zum Essen inklusive."
Positiv: "Excellent"
Negativ: "My United flight was five hours delayed and I was going to miss my Air Europa flight. I called to see if I could switch flights but that was absolutely not an option and I had to buy a new one way ticket. I would’ve paid the difference, if there was one, but that wasn’t an option."
Positiv: "They we're on time and orderly boarding."
Positiv: "Der Flug ist pünktlich gestartet"
Negativ: "Das Boarding war ok etwas messy nicht geordnet."
Positiv: "Professional crew"
Negativ: "The flight was 20 minutes late boarding us, and the plane took off over an hour later than expected. The boarding gate was so close to the other two next to it, that were also boarding at the same time, it was impossible to hear what was being said and know what was going on. the crew also lost my luggage on the flight from Madrid to Valencia and I have still not received it"
Positiv: "Modern clean plane, excellent crew"
Negativ: "Flight was delayed but no announcements were made"
Positiv: "The flight attendants were very nice to my family, and they went through extra effort to take care of us. I would be happy to fly this airline again."
Negativ: "My wife’s bag was damaged during handling, but I am not sure that is the fault of Air Europa, perhaps the airport personnel in Miami or Madrid."
Negativ: "Boarding time notification and check luggage’s cost"
Positiv: "The punctuality"
Negativ: "Food"
Positiv: "Da es nur um einen 40 Min. intra-Kanaren Flug handelt war alles Schnell, Einfach und Schmerzlos. Bei dem Flug war auch ein Gepäckstück inklusiv. Super Preis-Leistungsverhältnis"
Positiv: "Nice plan and staff."
Negativ: "Very slow baggage drop off at Barcelona airport."
Positiv: "Der Flug selbst war angenehm und die Landung 15 Min. vor Landezeit."
Negativ: "Das Flugpersonal war eher unfreundlich und hatte schlechte Englischkenntnisse, es wurden nur Getränke gegen Bezahlung serviert."
Positiv: "Die Sitze waren gut verstellbar und die Temperatur im Flugzeug sehr angenehm. Es musste sicher niemand frieren. Ein genügend breites Film- und Musikangebot war vorhanden."
Negativ: "Beim Online-Check-in ist es nur möglich, die Boarding-Karten auszudrucken und nicht aufs Handy zu senden. Wer nimmt schon seinen Drucker mit in den Urlaub! Deshalb stand am Check-in-Schalter dann eine Mega-Schlange an, obwohl der Online Check-in vorher schon erfolgt war. Schlechte Englischkenntnisse des Flugpersonals. Kopfhörer für die Fernseher müssen gekauft werden (2,50 €). Der Verkauf beginnt jedoch erst eine Stunde nach dem Start. Bis dahin kann man sich mit Lippenlesen beschäftigen. Die Kaffeebewirtung wurde ab der Hälfte des Flugzeuges unterbrochen wegen Turbulenzen. Verständlich! Nur wurde der Rest der Passagiere danach nicht mehr bedient. Wer unbedingt Kaffee wollte, konnte einzeln in der Besatzungskabine nachfragen. Die Toiletten müssten bei einem Langstreckenflug unbedingt zwischendurch einmal gereinigt werden."
Positiv: "The crew were faultless, friendly and attentive."
Negativ: "The flight was cramped. For a shorter flight from Madrid to Tel Aviv Air Europa uses a state of the art Boeing 787 Dreamliner which lives up to its name. Why they don't use this aircraft for the long haul flight beats me. I'd rather be comfortable for 10 hrs and suffer for 5 instead of the other way around. Still, looking forward to the last leg home."
Negativ: "Madrid Airport is a nightmare! Long walks, confusing, crowded, etc."
Positiv: "Beide Flüge (FRA-Madrid und Madrid-Mallorca) waren pünktlich. Da wir in Madrid über 5 Stunden Aufenthalt hatten, sind wir mit dem Taxi zum Prado gefahren und haben uns 2 1/2 Stunden dort die wunderbare Gemäldesammlung angesehen. Das Personal war höflich und freundlich."
Negativ: "Die Sitze waren ungemütlich und nicht weit genug zurückklappbar. Die Kopfhörer waren kostenpflichtig. Man musste sich seine Getränke ständig selbst holen."
Positiv: "Everything was perfect"
Positiv: "Maschine ist mit Verspätung gelandet, keine Durchsagen, keine Reinigung der Kaniene!"
Positiv: "Der Flug hatte zwar ein wenig Verspätung aber das nette Personal auf dem Flughafen und die unkomplizierte Abfertigung haben das wieder herausgerissen."
Positiv: "Crew was great, however boarding could be improved. Too many checks and waiting to board."
Negativ: "I tried to pay an extra suitcase and the website didn't give me access .. then I read than to southamerica was allow two suitcases, when I arrived to the airport, aireurope surprised me with 150 euros por one package extra"
Positiv: "Alles in ordnung"
Positiv: "Crew was very pleasant and helpful"
Negativ: "No outlet to charge a phone"
Negativ: "I was taken back by the crew not friendly"
Positiv: "Decently comfortable seating - Good flight staff."
Negativ: "Flight was delayed and boarding took longer than seemed necessary. Food wasn't so good and entertainment was virtually nonexistant."
Negativ: "T"
Negativ: "I had to add luggage into the booking. In short, that is impossible to do on the website, and very little information about luggage in the booking procedure. So, the passenger didn't take any changes and asked me to book flight with another airline. Which I did, and found out that canceling is not a thing that you do either...."
Negativ: "Bad services, and the staff too"
Positiv: "the crew"
Negativ: "comfort, there were small space for our legs The food , the worst i have ever seen"
Positiv: "The flight staff"
Negativ: "I was upset because I had no television the entire trip. Very bored. Nothing to read."
Positiv: "One attendant took care of an infant while a mother was suffering from a nose bleed."
Negativ: "Air Europa check in was at area 2, furthest corner of Zurich airport; no sign of which section of check in area 2 (1 through 5) the airline check in seciton is. You have to walk the entire area (seems like a whole separate terminal) to find the counters which were combined with 6 other airlines. Took only 20 minutes. Then to the opposite corner of the airport to board the plane to Madrid. WOW!"
Positiv: "Most of the staff was friendly and professional"
Negativ: "As a musician all it takes is one flight attendant to make your trip a nightmare. Every flight is a game of cat and mouse to get your instrument on board. I was told there wasn't enough room, in the end half the over heads were empty."
Positiv: "My baggage didnt arrive"
Negativ: "No vegetarian options at all"

I was wrongly told I had to present a covid test, despite the fact that I'm a resident of Denmark. This then resulted in my having to rush to the other side of the airport to get a test, pay 42€, all of this within a few minutes of baggage drop closing. When I returned and asked a different staff member of I could check in despite the fact my test results aren't out yet they said yes since I do not need a test, as I had previously assumed. Staff should be briefed better on entry requirements for countries. All of this could have easily found on Google.

That is same shit

Negativ: "Terrible boarding after 2 hours."
Positiv: "Crew were amazing arrived early"
Negativ: "In flight entertainment"
Positiv: "On time, fast and efficient."
Negativ: "A bit more friendly boarding"
Positiv: "Nothing much every other plane is more comfortable."
Negativ: "We were five people with five carry-on lugages and five small individual bags. The people in boarding tried to charge us €76 for each one of the bags for a total of €380 extra. We managed to put three of those bags inside our suitcases but we were still charged for two very small bags €152."
Positiv: "Crew were lovely and happy and kept us abreast of the problems that caused a delay in departure."
Positiv: "Crew was very professional"
Negativ: "2:25 h departure delay no informations at the airport, not even the ground crew has had any informations, no information was given through the airport loudspeakers until the departing time was overdue.afterwards again... no information updates. Everyone was puzzled. some users of the easyjet app had informations through their app, but only 50% of the app users got a notification. Moreover the delay of flight was 30 min on top of the time, mentioned in the notification"
Negativ: "One hour late. More legroom than expected. Creative fast boarding"
Negativ: "Handgepäck aufgeben, keine Getränke und snacks, verspätung,"
Positiv: "Alles ok"
Negativ: "Verspätung fast 1stunde"
Positiv: "I like that we left on time!"
Positiv: "Nette Crew, sehr bemüht, gut gelaunt und freundlich."
Negativ: "Sitze schmal und mit geringem Abstand. Bordgepäckregelung mit Aufpreisen ist nervig und unnötig."
Negativ: "Sehr laut! Eng gestuhlt, Abgabe des Handgepäcks :-((("
Positiv: "Top org"
Negativ: "Der pilot :-)"
Positiv: "Nette Crew und wirklich cooler Pilot"
Positiv: "Nette crew, hat gut improvisiert (Maschine wurde aus Amsterdam geordert wegen technischen defekt an geplantem aircraft"
Negativ: "Flug hatte leider 1.5 stunden verspätung."
Positiv: "Super schneller Flug alles gut gegangen"
Positiv: "Preis/Leistung absolut spitze."
Negativ: "Wenn man mehr möchte - sollte man eine andere Airline nutzen."
Negativ: "The plane was late and we were all crammed into a tiny area whilst we waited to board. We got on straight after the previous passengers disembarked so the plane had not been cleaned well and the whole flight was uncomfortable as it was so hot. The staff were rude in the check in at the Basel airport"
Negativ: "Verspätungen sind anstrengend und nervig. Genauere Angaben wann der Abflug ist und direkte Informationen wie es weitergeht wären hilfreich. Außerdem wäre es gut wenn es bei so langen Versätungen etwas zu essen gäbe, nicht nur einen Keks. So wurde uns praktisch ein Tag unserer Reise genommen - schade"
Negativ: "1 Stunde Verspätung schon vor Abflug"
Negativ: "es war alles super"
Positiv: "Easy to check in and board. Good service, from good staff polite and helpful."
Negativ: "More comfortable seats !"
Positiv: "Mehrsprachiges Personal, Abläufe sehr optimiert und kurz"
Negativ: "Speedy Boarding nicht eindeutig gekennzeichnet und funktioniert nicht"
Positiv: "The security check was fast."
Negativ: "The bus from the plane to the airport."
Positiv: "Sehr aufmerksames und zuvorkommendes Personal!"
Negativ: "Etwas wenig Platz (schmale Sitze, wenig Beinfreiheit. Damit kann ich für den Preis aber leben. Das Personal und die perfekte Abwicklung machen es wett!"
Positiv: "Mmmmm"
Negativ: "Mmmm"
Positiv: "Das easyjet weder snacks noch getraenke kostenfrei anbietet ist nun mal so. aber die crew ist mega freundlich und lustig. 10min verspaetet abgeflogen ist auch noch voll ok"
Negativ: "Lady at the counter was absolutely rude and digusting. She had no manners and customer service at all. She was screaming at people to place everything in one bag, instead of saying it calmly. Not the best start of your holidays at 6am."
Positiv: "EasyJet is always a good option. Baggage is included which is not common these days among small airlines. Flight attendants are very friendly."
Positiv: "Das Flugpersonal war freundlich und sehr bemüht."
Negativ: "Der Flug war leider nicht pünktlich und es wurde schon zum Boarding aufgefordert, obwohl das Flugzeug noch gar nicht vor Ort war. Obwohl mein Rucksack den Handgepäckbestimmungen entsprach, musste ich meinen Rucksack beim Boarding einchecken. Das war zwar unentgeltlich, aber durch das Warten auf mein Gepäck habe ich meinen Zug verpasst und meine Pins am Rucksack waren abgerissen und ich habe sie nicht wiederbekommen. Es war ein Pin von Maui und einer von den Seychellen. Das ist wirklich mehr als schade und ich habe mich sehr darüber geärgert. Ein Hinweis, dass man die Pins besser abmacht und im Rucksack verstaut, wären wirklich hilfreich gewesen."
Positiv: "Personal war superfreundlich,auf flug nach Basel,sehr kundenfreundlich und hilfsbereit in gegensatz zum flug nach A msterdam."
Positiv: "Flight took off slightly late but landed at PMI roughly on time. I had the worst seat on the aircraft according to seat guru 31D which is the last row by the back door. But being the NEO 320 the seat was extremely comfortable and for someone who doesn't sleep on flights I nearly nodded off a few times. Knee room was ok but overall the seat was very comfortable and I could have easily spent a few more hours in that seat."
Negativ: "Only problem was that the service trolley started at the front of the plane and it took a fair amount of time before it reached the last row, and being a fairly short flight by the time we finished our drinks the seat belt lights came on for landing."
Positiv: "Not much. I think anything we liked was about the airport staff, not the easy jet staff. The customer service lady was efficient, but not helpful and kind of rude and all she kept saying was “well everyone else made it”. The plane was also not full (I believe she said 60 people, maybe 58 not including us)."
Negativ: "The plane was departing at 8:25 and boarding at 7:55 according to the ticket. At 7:57 there was no gate announced for the flight yet, so we went to the bathroom, came out and saw our gate and headed there. We got the gate wrong, but were only about 5 mins out of the way, so me and my 70 year old grandmother ran through the terminals and we got to the correct gate at 8:16 (less than 20 minutes from the time the gate was announced) and they would not let us on. Easy Jet’s policy (which we have a picture of) is that the gate closes 30 minutes before departure, but we did not even have a gate until less than 20 minutes from the departure. We did not hear them announce our names or last call (until the minute before we got there, and it did not seem like if they would have let us on if we were one minute earlier either). After this whole ordeal and being at the airport on time and through security in time, we went to talk to the check-in person to see what we should do. We stood in line and did not get called up (3 people did not have customers but were not calling me up), so I asked and one girl reluctantly said I could see her. As I was telling her what happened, she got a phone call, answered it in the middle of my explanation, and then chatted for a few minutes with another coworker about who was working and who was going on lunch when. After she hung up, she looked annoyed at me, and I told her again what happened, and she said she could help and to go to customer service. At customer service, we asked to see if we could get on the next flight which wasn’t leaving for over 7.5 hours, which they said we could but would have to purchase our tickets and luggage all over again. The person working was mostly professional, fairly efficient, but pretty callous overall. On top of all this, when they pulled our luggage off the flight (somehow they can board a flight of 60 ish people and still have time to remove our luggage), they pulled one of the wrong suitcases off so we had to go collect our luggage at or destination, and someone else went luggage-less. Ultimately, my grandmother’s first European trip and this was the worst experience we’ve had so far, but after $200, 6 hours, and tears from both of us, we made it to our destination and will never fly Easy Jet again."
Positiv: "Und dann sitzt man im Zug um einen Termin zu halten - und dann wird er pünktlich gemeldet"
Negativ: "So eine unmögliche Informationspolitik habe ich noch nie erlebt"
Positiv: "Wetter und ruhiger Flug"
Negativ: "Der eher knappe Platz an Bord und die vielen Kinder"
Positiv: "Der Flug war superpünktlich. Die Landung grossartig."
Negativ: "Die Sitze konnte man nicht verstellen. Verpflegung muss extra bezahlt werden und sieht nicht gut aus"
Negativ: "Being delayed 4 hours"
Positiv: "One time"
Negativ: "Cattle car boarding. But expected. Luton airport is confusing for transport to London"
Positiv: "Pünktlichkeit der beiden Flügen"
Negativ: "Das Einchecken, resp. das Boarding."
Positiv: "Take off and landing is great"
Positiv: "Sehr gut"
Positiv: "Hat alles super geklappt. Das Personal war sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit."
Positiv: "Efficient bag drop"
Negativ: "Plane delayed, lack of information. No reason given for the delay when on board. Plane microphone much too loud it was distorting"
Positiv: "Nettes Personal"
Negativ: "Glück gehabt, da wir in der ersten Reihe saßen, somit viel Platz hatten, sind beide sehr groß, in den normalen Sitzreihen wird das schnell mal beengend."
Positiv: "I expected the worst, found out I have had worse experiences with legacy airlines. The onboard staff was attentive, keen to help and please, cheery face, especially the short, dark Middle Eastern looking fella. He knows how to work it! Some flight attendants can be mean, he was very nice. I did not interact with him, but watched how he handled things, like helping people place their baggage in a different overhead compartment, personally moving the baggage so that it would fit. Cheery demeanor, informed the passengers of whatever needed to be said. The pilot was also attentive."
Negativ: "No frills, not terribly comfortable--luckily it was a very short flight. Little baggage space, automatic drop off clerk was a bit surely."
Positiv: "Insgesamt war das Bordpersonal sehr zuvorkommend, es war genug zu essen und zu trinken da."
Negativ: "Der Flug hat ungefähr 50 Minuten Verspätung gehabt, was halb insgesamt der Flug nicht besonders angenehm war."
Positiv: "Das personal war sehr nett"
Negativ: "Viel zu teier, für einen flug mit hanggepäck, ohne essen und keine sitzlehnenverstellung"
Positiv: "Didn’t die"
Negativ: "Hour late Packed like cattle into waiting line Had to walk 10 miles to baggage claim"

They changed the airplane day before and I paid for the extra space so when I was on the boarding they changed my seat to a worst one, then the food was horrible, they don't refill the catering at Amsterdam so the flight from BCN to AMS bought almost everything

By far one of the worst airlines I’ve ever had to deal with. Customer service is very poor. Stay clear of any airline you cannot get a hold of a real person to help with your problem.

Die Flugbegleiter waren so hübsch und nett 😍

Negativ: "Die Kommunikation mit Mundschutz leider sehr kompliziert ,, das Boardpersonal sollte einfach viel langsamer aber dafür lauter sprechen ,, nicht schön aber dafür effizient"
Positiv: "Helpful crew. Quick flight."
Negativ: "No gate assignment until right before boarding. Chaotic,especially when you don’t know the airport or airline."
Positiv: "There was a good amount of room on the plane with comfortable seating."
Negativ: "We sat on the plane an extra 15 minutes before the flight, but other than that everything went smoothly."
Positiv: "Seat was comfortable and we landed on time, even after leaving late."
Negativ: "Crew needed better attitude."
Negativ: "Did not get to board my flight."
Positiv: "Staff was pleasant and polite. Seats were comfortable enough for economy."
Negativ: "Boarding seemed to take and incredibly long time."
Positiv: "Flight was very easy, comfortable and quick."
Negativ: "Boarding was quite confused due to delay but wasn’t too big an issue x"
Positiv: "Quick flight"
Negativ: "Had to exist and renter via departure and go through security again because there was no direct transfer, it was horrible having to go through security again."
Positiv: "Professional smiley crew"
Positiv: "It was a very efficient flight. On time"
Negativ: "It was raining when we boarded the plane and some people were stuck outside for a little bit."
Positiv: "ontime"
Negativ: "my luggage tags didn't print and wasn't offer in the online kiosk."
Negativ: "For the price it's OK, its a low budget airline."
Negativ: "Didn’t take the flight"
Positiv: "The seat comfort was acceptable. this is what you get for what you pay."
Negativ: "no comments"
Negativ: "Se podría mejorar el tiempo de desembarque"
Negativ: "Late"
Positiv: "Cheap airline, results are what we thought they would be"
Negativ: "Flug war verspätet"
Negativ: "Beide Flüge waren verspätet"
Positiv: "Getting on a plane. Not the one I booked but got to wear I needed to go."
Negativ: "Bought the flight 6 months prior. They give you the option to have a random seat, which i did. Apparently that means if people buy a seat, you might not get on the plane. Because they will sell your seat to someone willing to pay more."
Positiv: "The flight was on time. The ground crew was pleasant and helpful, especially in meeting the needs of handicapped passengers."
Negativ: "You have to pay for anything you consume in the way of food and drink... even a glass of water to take a pill. My wife and I fly frequently and this will be our last time to fly Veuling. Other than the lack of any free beverages, the legroom is minimal, there is no TV and no electronic recharging at the seats."
Negativ: "Unkoordiniertes Boarding und 1,5h Verspätung."
Positiv: "Alles hat geklappt, war angenehm. Immer informiert über Verspätung."
Negativ: "Langes Koffer Drop off und Flug Verspätung von 9 Minuten +- verhindern das Punktemaximum. Für die schreienden Babies kann ja die Fluggesellschaft nichts."
Negativ: "Paid for priority board but there’s no priority given at the gate."
Negativ: "Flights notoriously late Staff useless Service inexistant No information provided Avoid Vueling"
Negativ: "Flights notoriously late Staff useless Service inexistant No information provided Avoid Vueling"
Positiv: "The staff"
Negativ: "After initial flight was delayed, we were refused check-in stating "the gate has closed" even though the flight was delayed for about an hour and we were there 25 min before the original set off time. We had to pay for a new ticket, which was also delayed, where boarding didn't start until about 40 min after stated time, and set off and hour after stated time."
Negativ: "Made us wait for 30 minutes in line to board. After boarding, waited on the tarmac for an HOUR Got to Mallorca and they had lost my luggage despite delays. I paid 190 for an extra bag!"
Positiv: "Nothing"
Negativ: "On arriving two hours early to my flight I was told that I was being put on standby because the flight was full. Not sure how I got bumped from a flight that I bought a ticket for 3 weeks ago? Upon waiting at the gate I came to realise that 17 other people had also been bumped. How does an airline overbook a flight that much? We were led to the baggage claim and told to pick up our bags to be rechecked- then the flight attendants disappeared, giving us no further direction as to where to go or what to do. My bags did not arrive on the carousel, either did anyone else’s that had been bumped. We walked up to the check in desk only to be told to consult the baggage service desk downstairs. Upon doing that we were told to go back to the check in desk. After going to the check in desk again we were told to go to the customer service desk. After doing that and waiting another half hour, we were given new tickets and told that our baggage had left on our original flight and would be waiting for us in Barcelona once we got there. Our compensation for all of this hassle was only a free meal from the restaurant. When we went to the restaurant we were told that we were only allowed one of the cold sandwiches and a small drink. Absolutely appalling as we were starving and exhausted. All of the flights were also delayed, however all the boards continued to say they were ‘on time’. The board for the flight we eventually took said we were ‘on time’ despite the fact we were still standing at the gate at the time we were supposed to depart. After arriving on a flight 5 hours later than we should have arrived, We were then told by the baggage desk that the luggage had not arrived in Barcelona and were instead back in Paris. So the staff in Paris blatantly lied just to get us to leave them alone. No apology was offered at any point of this whole ordeal, no compensation other than a sandwich and a bottle of water, and i’m now left with absolutely nothing but the clothes on my back. Not even a complimentary toothbrush which has been given to me along with toiletries and a t-shirt the last time my bags were delayed. Absolutely appalling from all aspects of this whole company. I am sorry to say I’ve already booked my return flight, however after that flight I am never flying Vuelig again!"
Negativ: "Mehr als eine Stunde Verspaetung .."
Negativ: "Late. Long wait for baggage. Not very friendly crew."
Positiv: "Bei der Gepäckaufgabe wurde uns durch den Mitarbeiter statt der letzten Sitzreihe ein Platz in Reihe 4 "ausnahmsweise" zur Verfügung gestellt. Die vorderen Sitzreihen waren nicht belegt bzw. das Flugzeug nicht voll belegt."
Negativ: "Nach rd. 3 Std. Verspätung beim Start erfolgte keinerlei Entschuldigung der Kabinencrew. Üblicherweise gibt es dafür zumindest kostenloses Mineralwasser. Statt dessen hat die Kabinencrew zuerst gemütlich gegessen und getrunken und das vordere WC gesperrt. Um die Passagiere würde sich die ersten 45 Minuten nicht gekümmert. Somit Schlangenbildung am hinteren WC. Gewisse Lustlosigkeit erkennbar. Ähnliches Verhalten die letzten 45 Minuten vor der Landung. Statt dessen mit dem I-Pad gespielt. Es stellt sich die Frage, ob nochmals mit Vueling gebucht wird, wenn es eine Alternative gibt."
Negativ: "Hinflug Verspätung wegen Streik in Barcelona, Rückflug verspätet wegen notwendigen Radwechsel, der noch im Gange war als der Einstieg vom Bus in den Flieger erfolgte."
Negativ: "Essen: bitte auch ohne Käse/Milch/Fleisch = vegan anbieten!"
Positiv: "Aircraft cabin comfornand cleanliness"
Negativ: "The whole booking experience and costs incurred in our 4PAX booking. Should cost €350 and went to almost €800 when we changed start of trip by one day even though we booked weeks in advance."
Positiv: "Crew was nice and friendly"
Negativ: "Boarding took place in a separate area of the airport, no access to shops. Flight was delayed, we arrived an hour late at our destination."
Negativ: "App info and service poor. Gate closed more than 30 mins before flight while flight was delayed according to the AP status. Would not fly with Vueling again."
Negativ: "Der Flug hatte zwei Stunden Verspätung, es gab keine Entschädigung."
Positiv: "Der Flug ist pünktlich gestartet. Sitzplatz am Notausgang hatte mehr Beinfreiheit"
Negativ: "Der Komfort und Service waren für einen Billigflieger in Ordnung"
Positiv: "Well organized boarding."
Positiv: "Der Flug ist pünktlich gestartet, es war alles (boarding, etc.) gut geregelt."
Negativ: "Getränke und Essen kann man nur gegen Bezahlung erhalten (wir wurden darüber noch davor informiert), aber das auch Wasser nicht kostenlos angeboten wird finde ich seltsam, insb. wenn es zu unerwarteter Verlängerung des Flugs kommt (in unserem Fall statt 2 sollten wir 3 Std. wegen massives Flight Traffics von Barcelona nach Wien fliegen) und trotzdem haben wir kein Wasser erhalten. Ist überhaupt nicht in Ordnung!!!"
Positiv: "Flug hatte fast 7 Stunden Verspätung. Keine Verpflegung in dieser Zeit. Erst nach dem Start DURFTEN wir der Airline Geld in die Kasse spülen und ihr ESsen und Getränke abkaufen!!!"
Negativ: "Flug ist leider unpünktlich gestartet."
Positiv: "Flug war 4 Std verspätet."
Negativ: "Es war nur sehr wenig Essen an Bord, dass man kaufen konnte. Sitze unbequem."
Positiv: "Pünktlich gestartet etwas zu essen auf Zahlung ( heute üblich) etwas veraltetet sitze. Flugpersonal sehr freundlich"
Negativ: "Mein Koffer ist komplett demoliert worden habe es gemeldet nun bin ich gespannt ob es erstattet wird!!!"
Positiv: "Das Flugpersonal war sehr aufmerksam, das einzige was fehlte, war die Durchsage auf Deutsch."
Negativ: "Durchsagen auf Detusch fehlten, da Englisch nicht so deutlich war und Spanisch verstehen wir nicht."
Positiv: "Unser Flug ist ganz pünktlich gestartet und somit auch pünktlich gelandet"
Negativ: "Es gibt nichts auszusetzen. Sehr freundlich."
Informationen zu COVID-19

Sicherheitsmassnahmen von Fluggesellschaften, die nach Palma de Mallorca fliegen

Fluggesellschaften, die nach Palma de Mallorca fliegen, haben zusätzliche Sicherheitsmassnahmen ergriffen und ihre Richtlinien angepasst, um Reisende in der aktuellen Situation besser zu befördern. Die Richtlinien variieren je nach Fluggesellschaft.

Erhöhte Hygienemaßnahmen

Das Flugzeug wird täglich gereinigt. HEPA-Filter wurden auf Flügen nach Palma de Mallorca in der Kabine installiert.


n Bord muss ein Mund- und Nasenschutz getragen werden. Masken werden auf Flügen nach Palma de Mallorca bereitgestellt

Abstandsregeln für Sitzplätze

Sitzplätze in der Mitte auf Flügen nach Palma de Mallorca nicht verfügbar

Tests vor dem Flug

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